August 22, 2017

『JULY BOOK HAUL』More new books for my overly full shleves~

Another month another book haul.

I don't know how I did it, but somehow I acquired nine printed books, six e-books and three audiobooks during July.

For August I want to try to not buy books, except I already pre-ordered them. I hope I can do this. The only thing I'm allowed to buy, except pre-orders are the next volumes in a Manga series, but only when they get released in the month, so no already released volumes, even though I don't own them yet.

Keep reading if you're interested in what I got in July.

July 05, 2017

『JUNE BOOK HAUL + JULY TBR』Not that much as last month~

Another month passed and I'm still in my blogging slump. >.< Lately I'm using Instagram for my "blogging activities", but I hope as soon as this semester is over that I'll be back to blogging.
I have way too many thoughts on books, which I want to share.

As for that, I have a few reviews planned and I still want to get my book fair experience on here.

But so long I have another book haul. ~

June 06, 2017

『MAY BOOK HAUL』Where did all the books come from?

I was long gone, because I just didn't feel like posting. There is just so much to do for Uni this semester I don't even know how that happened. x_x

Nonetheless, I want to pick up blogging again and I though I'll show you all the books I acquired in May. So, May was my birthday month and I treated myself to some nice new books and also had some gift cards to spend.

Also I have a lot more planed and I'll definitely post about the book fair back in March. ~


June 05, 2017


I'm proud to reveal the cover for the upcoming horror novel "ULTIMATE SACRIFICE" by S. E. Green. Thanks to Oftomes Publishing for this opportunity. 

Some Informations

TITLE: Ultimate Sacrifice
AUTHOR: S. E. Green
RELEASE DATE: October 10th, 2017

COVER & Synopsis

March 20, 2017

『Buchvorstellung/ book review German』Shimotsuma Monogatrai – Kamikaze Girls

This is kind of a review, but it's only in German since I thought I post the writing project I did for school some years ago. I was writing a book review about one of my most favourite books. I just copied and pasted it into here and tried to section it in my usual way. I plan to do a whole new review on this in English someday when I re-read it for the millionth time. <3

Dies hier ist eher eine Buchvorstellung, als eine richtige Rezension und sie ist auch nur in Deutsch, obwohl es keine deutsche Übersetzung des Buches gibt. Diese Buchvorstellung war mal ein Teil meines "Kreativen Schreiben"-Kurses in der Schule und ich dachte ich teile es mal hier. Dazu ist es auch noch eins meiner absoluten Lieblingsbücher. Ich plane irgendwann mal, nach dem tausendsten Re-Read eine englische Rezension zu verfassen, aber das kann noch ein Weilchen dauern. <3